The Difference Between a Regular Prostitute and a Professional Escort

In the world of adult entertainment, there is a question that gets asked frequently. What is the difference between a prostitute and an escort? This age old question has been around for many years and today we are going to answer it.

A Prostitute Is Someone That Has Sex for Money

To put it plain and simple a prostitute is someone either male or female that has sex for money. Typically a prostitute is hired for only a short period of time, normally no longer than an hour. On the other hand, an escort is hired for much longer periods of time and some spend weeks with just one client. Escorts are expected to be good looking and there are held to a higher standard. Most agencies will screen their men and women on the basis of looks and personality. Their clients are higher paying and expect only the best.

Escorting Is a Legal Profession

Unlike prostitution that is illegal in many parts of the world, escorting is legal almost everywhere. Because they are not considered sex workers. Escorts are free to open up shop without the fear of arrest. This allows them to be transparent with their operations and they also have to pay tax on any money they make. Prostitutes on the other hand almost never pay taxes and they are forced to hide their operations from authorities. This can lead to heavy fines and even serious jail time for repeat offenders.

Being An Escort is Much Safer than Being a Prostitute

Because escorting is a legal adult profession it is much safer than being a prostitute. Escorts often work with agencies that protect them while they are working. These agencies also screen clients and weed out those that may cause trouble. Being a prostitute is a very dangerous profession and they are often at risk of death and injury. Since prostitution is not regulated in most areas, there is a greater chance of transmitting diseases. The clients that prostitutes service are mostly men who are at sometimes violent and abusive.

These are the differences between a prostitute and an escort. Now that you are better informed on the subject you can make your own mind up on which one to employ. Keep in mind that most areas of the world do not allow prostitution and you may end up in legal trouble if you choose to use their services.

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